Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leading by Example

Warning: I am pretty ADD today and this post is all over the place.

I started going to an exercise class last Sunday evening, led by a local Body by Vi champion and promoter, Suzanne.  I LOVED IT! Suzanne is a real person, just like me! With body issues and gets out of breath and loses track of the exercise sometimes! (Sorry Suzanne if you are reading this). But that's what made it REALISTIC and DO-ABLE! I like my gym, and I like the trainers, but sometimes I feel like they have always been skinny/buff and don't know what it's like to struggle. I'm such a fan-girl of Suzanne's right now.

Thursday I got on the scale for one last peek.  This week's challenge is to put the scale away for the week.  So far so good.  But anyway, in that peek, here's what I saw:
Plateau is officially BROKEN!  Under 235! Yeah baby!  I haven't been this light since before my wedding almost 5 years ago!  Through Weight Watchers and Curves, I may have briefly flirted with the upper 220's, but not long enough to make it worth celebrating.  I want to get on that scale next Thursday morning and see 229!  (But anything lower than 232.9 is okay too).  Seeing this weight made me feel skinny, so I asked Paul if he could take a couple quick pictures.  I made a side-by-side and publicly posted it on Facebook, and I got over 30 likes! There is about 15 pounds difference in these picture.

 A (distant) family member signed up for the Challenge under me on Saturday, and I just saw that another FB friend has just taken the Challenge too (though under someone else).  It's so exciting to inspire people!  And it feels so good to be praised for my hard work. I finally feel like I'm putting in the time, and it's paying off.

I get so caught up in the challenge, and the fact that I am losing slower than I would like, I lose track of the important details.  Like the fact that I can now wear a size 16 misses (not plus!) and the fact that I have lost 15!!! pounds!  Have you ever lifted a 15 pound dumbbell??  It's a lot!  I do believe that by losing at the slow rate that I am, that I stand a better chance of keeping it off!

Why is a 16 misses different from a 16 plus?  Why can't it all just be the same??

Just made No-Pudge Fudge Brownies  (for Paul more than me), no bake energy bites, and I have chicken thawing to grill up later.  CLEANED UP at BJ's today, got lots of seafood, stuffed chicken breasts, and frozen fruits and veggies, plus a couple of types of snacks. Perhaps I'll post on these later.

Working out on a Sunday night is kind of weird to me, I feel like Sunday is a day to relax and make a big dinner.  But I also want to make a good start to the week so I am going! But first... maybe a nap.  Must the sound of the Daytona 500 in the background.  Guaranteed to put my Dad to sleep every time. lol. bye!

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