Saturday, October 27, 2012

That feeling of frustration

I feel like I'm being hypocritical of myself if I say "I don't know why I didn't do well this week." I just said in my very last blog that I wasn't as strict on myself as I should have been, and I had had a rough weekend last week.

I got on the scale yesterday morning: 238.1. I wasn't able to "use the bathroom" beforehand, and I DID have some salty food the night before. I decided that I would try again one more time before the scale is take away again.  So I drank tons of water yesterday, went to the gym, and was really good all day (mostly. See what I mean??). And I used the bathroom this morning. And guess what the scale said today? 238.1. Damn it.

I'm trying to be positive and remember, I've lost 9 pounds. I am in the 230's.  I haven't been in the 230's since I got married! But sometimes, when I log onto the facebook page that I use for support, I see others reporting much greater weight loss than I have had.  Perhaps because I'm a serial loser- constantly losing the same few pounds over and over again. And although my numbers are large, proportionately I am not a large person, so maybe its going to be harder for me to lose.  My ULTIMATE goal, without a time frame, is to be 200 pounds, and even my doctor was in agreeance with that, as I am just a larger-built person. Big-boned-ed, if you will. Besides being 5'10".

Today holds a Halloween festival at a nearby beach town, and then late Sunday and into early next week, we have a Hurricane headed straight at us, which brings forth feelings of needing to eat junk food!  I solemnly swore last night that as long as our power stays on, I will continue drinking my shakes. If the power goes out, all bets are off.  I bought Turkey Spam last night.  Seemed like a healthy enough choice, right?
(Someone needs to invent a sarcasm font.) But seriously, Wal-Mart was completely sold out of Spam, except for the bacon-flavored, and maybe 2 cans of the turkey. I know what my hometown will be eating for days!

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