Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sticks out like sore thumb...

The above picture was taken just a little over a year ago.  This is the five of us, all of my siblings, plus my little niece Riley.  From right, my brother is oldest (#1), next is the youngest at 17 (#5), Me (#4), then #2 and #3.  Granted that I may not be wearing the most flattering shirt, but this is how I look and feel at family gathering.  The odd one out.  We're all totally related in the way we look, but I'm the biggest.  Always.  It's tough to have three thin sisters, and if you'd ask any of them, they would say they are fat and need to lose weight (BS!) I would kill to look like any of them, or at least mutilate. My brother has read my blogs, and he has actually told me that he suffers similar issues as me, so that's somewhat reassuring, that I'm not a freak in my family.

Slacking at the gym this week :(  We were in Christiana on Sunday, having spent the night the prior evening.  This week has been busy ever since, but hopefully Friday night we can make an appearance.  This chin isn't going to up itself! (Get it, chin-ups? Ba dum ch! No?)

Lost 2 pounds over the weekend with a mild lower-GI bug.  Woot.

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